Our services

Pay Advice

Accounting Administration

  • Design of fiscal strategies according to the needs of the company. 
  • Contact and Registry with providers / Integration of file 
  • Invoicing Payment Conciliation 
  • Visits to Plants (Inventory – Verification and Control of Equipment, Tools and cash surplus from Cash Audit (Arqueos) 
  • Monthly reports with Fiscal, Accounting and Financing information.  

Financial Administration

  • Banking services
  • Electronic Banking
  • Money Market/Contract with Trading desk and other liquid investments or in maturities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Assistance purchasing vehicles
  • Insurance: vehicles/personal (business man) /Liability / Buildings and their content
  • Due Diligence
  • Contacts to obtain financing

Legal Corporative Assistance

The following is a list of necessary diligences so your foreign company has access to the benefits that a Mexican company would have:

  • Establishment of company / social contract
  • Legal Representation of the company and the person ( business man) Notary Public
  • Company Registry and partners share holders before the National Institute of Immigration / FM3 for business man
  • Registry of contracts and public instruments before the Public Commerce Registry.
  • Inscription and Registry of foreign investment before the Secretary of Economy
  • Inscription and Registry before SAT (secure Tax ID, Signature and Electronic Invoicing)
  • Administration of local and federal taxes.
  • Registry before custom Authorities
  • Registry of sectorial programs IMMEX
  • Recruiting, selection and contracting of personnel through Manpower
  • Custom procedure Physical and Virtual Import and Exports
  • Closure of Companies and Bankruptcy
  • Patent and Intellectual Property Registry

Exterior Commerce

  • Importers Registry in the Importers National Register
  • Orders conferred to the customs agent
  • Physical and Virtual Imports/ Exports
  • Registry to the IMMEX Program for Temporary Importers
  • Change of Regimen of the Operations

Real Estate

  • Industrial Buildings /Offices / Warehouse, Construction- Purchase or Rent
  • Contracting of utilities: Water, electricity, telephone, internet, etc.
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